Baby Lips in Pink Punch

Disclosure: All products being reviewed are bought by me, unless stated otherwise.  If in case there will be sponsorship products or products being given by companies for me to review, I will definitely indicate it here.

Just so you know coz a lot of people are asking me if I’m getting these products for free and I told them I bought them and some were given by my friends.

Well, this one for example, the Maybeline Baby Lips in Pink Punch I bought last two weeks was one of my favorites that I have to blog about it.

Maybeline Baby LipsMaybeline Baby Lips

Why I love this:

Well, it’s not your regular old boring lip balm. When you actually swipe it on your lips, there’s a hint of color in it  It actually protects and moisturizes the lips for the whole day, like 8 hours max. And based on the information I read  it visibly renews your lips after continuous use and makes it look more younger, soft and smooth.

This Baby Lips comes from different varieties. But this one for me is the best. I always make it a point to use this first before topping it with my fave lipsticks.

More beauty reviews in the future.




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