Our own Bryan Boy




Blazer, Mogao. Longsleeve shirt with leopard print collar, Mogao. Clutch from SM. Watxh, Alive.


Boots, Celine


Hello everyone, we’ve got our own Bryan Boy here. Suddenly gave me an inspiration to blog about my friend’s outfit. Isn’t he Fasyon? This guy is such an awesome dresser. First time I notice him was way back 2 years ago when he was sporting that signature tie and side swept bangs ala Wachilei from Secret Garden. Did I spell it right? Haha. Anyway, he looks so korean really. Now, I know you guys will be sending me emails in a bit to ask where he bought those stuff and how much. Just like you guys asking me how much I bought my stuff. I love the inquiries and I appreciate it. I’ll be responding don’t worry.

Keep posted on more fashionistas here in my blog. I’ll be featuring some of my colleagues wearing their supermodel outfits. Gah!

Friday everyone.wooohooh!
By the way, see yah tomorrow for the Close Up Summer Solstice.

Love lots,

Your Anoushka


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