Working girl

We were like kids enjoying our new neighborhood. It really helps when you have a new work environment. Everything is so new. Literally speaking. I love the fact how we were the only living beings in Glorietta during night time. It’s a bit creepy when you actually peek inside the mall, but still fun coz you get to shop before the start of your shift. For example today, I can’t help but drop by Forever 21 and bought these pair of leopard print glasses I’m wearing. I feel like a genius whenever I sport one. So, this pair costs 330 that took a chunk out of my allowance for the week. Now I would have to settle for “economic gourmet” for the rest of the day till payday. This is the life I live during night time. A regular employee with bosses lurking on every corner. An employee who sometimes wish for a 6 digit salary and someday become a CEO(yeah right! ) an employee who settles on following orders and adhering to company policies. Not that I’m complaining, I do enjoy my work, it’s just that sometimes I feel like I could do more than this you know.20130424-074947.jpgThis is the lobby of our new workplace at Glorietta 2.



This is the girl who gave me the Abercrombie and Fitch tote bag. Meet my friend and colleague, Ciela.


Clothes: plaid shirt from 168. Black skirt from Maldita. Leopard glasses, Forever 21, Clutch used as IPAD case, Cotton On. Velcro strapped shoes ordered from Multiply. Watch, Jeremy Scott by Swatch



Now I have a new location for my outfit posts The new place adds up to my excitement and it makes me want o go to work everyday. Surprising?




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