Moschino Funny Perfume review

My old perfume finally found it’s way to the garbage! It’s so sad but I had to let it go coz I’ve used it to the last drop. I threw it out and didn’t keep the bottle because it looks so plain. I haven’t told you that I have this collection of empty bottle perfumes but I only choose the cutest ones.
Surprisingly, I survived the whole week without a perfume or cologne. I’m odorless for a week! Lol.

I decided to buy one. I opted for something that would fit my personality. So TADA!

Moschino Funny Perfume review

The Moschino Funny Perfume looks totally cute! I adore the bottle with the heart cap and ribbon. This was released back in 2007 and is very popular among teens. You may wonder why I picked this as my new scent? well, because I thought this would fit the weather we have here in the Philippines. It’s currently summer here and I need a frangrance that’s light, fresh and can be worn everyday.


Moschino Funny Perfume review

This would be my first time to review a perfume. You may judge me and make comments. I’m open for it, good or bad.
I should describe the smell I suppose right? There’s a hint of green tea that’s for sure. I caught a whiff of something similar to Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea. Also, there’s a bit of sweetness of tangy orange and flowery smells like Jasmine and Amber.

Moschino Funny Perfume review

Perfect for my beach trips and everyday wear for work.

What’s your summer fragrance?


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