Just Chillin by the shore




My mouth could swallow an elephant.


Outfits: floral tube top (from an old floral dress), cut off shorts from an old pair of jeans.
Coloud Headphones and my Ipad.


I’ve been seeing photos from Coachella that they’re flooding Instagram and Twitter. A lot of the kids here in the Philippines would kill and spend bucks just to join the popular music festival. As for me, I’m contented with just watching them on Youtube and browse the net for Coachella fashions. I’m not one to afford such things like that. Being a mom has it’s limitations. My money can’t be wasted on extravagant things. It’s one of the reasons why I love thrift shopping, saving money for something worth buying and always checking the price tags. Some friends think that checking price tag is waaay uncool and totally cheap but I ignore them and I don’t really care. Im a mom, and that’s enough reason to be thrifty.

I’m very excited for my friend Angelo Panersy for his new blog. II hope he won’t get tired of posting and hope that maybe someday, he could join me for events and parties.
You may check out his blog http://www.wanderboyblog.wordpress.com
Follow him guys. He’s truly n awesome writer. Very poetic and romantic. CHOR!!!!

Love lots,



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