Another feature: The Mom Edit

I will make this post very short and sweet. I just wanted to thank Shana Draugelis and Molly Dynan from the Ain’t No Mom Jeans Website for featuring me. I was totally surprised and truly flattered for the compliments!!! Believe me, all mommies being featured there are totally fab and fashionable!

You may be wondering what the website is all about?

Ain’t No Mom Jeans is the fashion and lifestyle blog for moms who know motherhood is the coolest job out there and who like to look and feel their best doing it.  They cover everyday mom style, as well as stretching a non-maternity wardrobe nine long months, disguising a postpartum pooch, nursing-friendly dresses, fashion-forward comfort shoes and the hottest & most functional baby / kid gear on the market.

Such a cool website and very informative.

Mommy bloggers

I just screen-captured it that’s why it looked that way hihihi.

You may check out the rest of the feature at The Mom Edit

That top I wore seems to be getting a lot of attention. Not to mention the cut off shorts I wore and my watch!!!!!

Till my next fashion post. I’ll be donning a Coachella inspired outfit this weekend so you better watch out for that? (I feel like a celebrity hahaha. Eeeew)

Anyways, have fun this weekend.

Love lots,





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