After those beach trips I had for the last few weeks , it’s time to try out lake/pool party with house music!!! I’m so psyched and can’t wait.


Summer’s NOT Over yet, and we’re raising the temperatures HIGHER — in a good way! CLICK. Productions engineers another Philippine first —
In celebration of Summer, they’ve designed a party for the spirit of getting high on good vibes, and great fun! – at the TAAL Lake!
Presenting: The PROJECT420 Party – Summer just got a new High.
From the Sky Lantern festival, ALL-Night Eargasmic Party with 6 of the Awesomest DJs in Metro Manila, Jetskiing, Banana boating, Water Sports, to Games that galvanize good spirits, PROJECT420 epitomizes pure, unadulterated fun!

Tickets at 499 and 999 (with room accommodations) – with UNLIMITED Booze — you can’t go wrong.
The phenomenal party shall nest in a one-of-a-kind venue on the LakeSide in Taal, Batangas! The Montecillo de Leonardo resort shall provide the pool party and the accommodations for those who wish to enjoy the activites on the following day. Transfers included.
The event happens on April 20, 2013 with an all-day, all-night event all throughout the 21st. For more details, visit their fanpage at or
How HIGH Can you go? 😉

Lezzzz goooo!!!!!!

The party momma,



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