Chinese donuts and Indian food.






Donut” printed dress, froma Thrift store. Hat from Palawan.

I’m already counting the days till Holy Week. Im gonna be at the beach and this time, with my fambam. You may have noticed why I haven’t been posting. Your hot momma here needs her time to unwind with friends. The last two weekends were so fun and all I ever did was eat out and sleep over at a friend’s place. Activities consists mainly eating and “raiding” her fridge and scraping left over foods. I know I sounded like “patay gutom” but it’s so fun! It reminds me of high school days. I love simple weekends just sharing funny stories and watching cable movies and just pretty much relaxing and lounging by the pool.



My pretty kikay friend Con


Pretty ladies


Nice view…of the pool. @Frasier Place


Kd and Con by the “waterfalls”


With my “crazy” friends Kd, Con and Lauren.


Oh poor KD and her chocolates 😦



                 Paneer kebab                                              


Lemon San Mig Light


20130325-151628.jpgNice Nice interiors


Camwhoring at Ziggurat

I love the Ziggurat cuisine!!! It’s an award winning restaurant for Lonely Planet @ Makati restaurant of Choice. They said it’s one of Makati’s “best kept secret”.

I was really impressed by Lauren for she was the tourist and yet she was the one who discovered this “Quaint” restaurant tucked hidden in Makati Ave. On our way there, we were dropped off by the cab driver along the main road of Makati ave. Then we walked a little and turned right on a street I’m not familiar of. And in there situated one of the most “unique” restaurants I’ve ever been into. Even their name sounded very strange and yet you know you’d be in a lot of surprises! And sure we did!

We ate Baklava, humus, Gluten Kebab, Paneer kebab and some other delicacies that sounded so new to me. I am not really the type who eats out a lot that’s why I’m so thrilled to try out other food aside from Filipino dishes. Call me corny but I admit I am too “jologs” when it comes to food. I actually made a commitment to myself that I’d be vegetarian for the rest of my life. And being vegetarian requires a lot of exploring on foods.

I think this is a start of my food exploring. More restaurants to try out in the future.

Love Lots,



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