Genie Pants

I mess with people’s minds.It’s actually one of the things I learned whenever I want something . Cruel as it may sound but doing this makes me feel powerful in that crazy weirdo way. Mind games are a thing being practiced by most politicians don’t you think? You ask” In what way do they play mind games towards people? Well, observe the way they give their speech. It’s not very hard to manipulate people by knowing the mind of your audience. don’t get me wrong, most of us do it without even realizing it. Let me give you simple examples of what I’m talking about. These are things we usually do in our everyday life. One thing is Persuasion. Second is letting the other person think of you as dumb and helpless so you can get whatever you want. And last, the art of giving compliments. Why? Because when you give compliments to a person he/she will most likely feel appreciated and that person will like you. And when that happens, you can now ask favors. these are actually simple tools in getting what you want. It’s just a matter of how you execute it. Now of course always keep in mind that these tips are not meant to get you into trouble. I only do this mind games if it’s really necessary. And hard work is still the best solution in getting what you want.

Or how about making a wish? I feel like Aladdin today at work. I feel like I’ve been granting wishes from friends. Im not complaining.


What do you think of this cool pants? Do I look like Aladdin


How about my glittery see through midriff top?


It’s a drawstring pants I bought long time ago. I love the way it flows and how the hem of it grazed a little on the floor when yo walk.


Foldable flats bought with a price that could break fingernails, not an arm and a leg.

I won’t give up this genie pants.  Now just let me know if you wanna make a wish, I’m here at your service.




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