Proud to be Pinay!

I am proud of being a filipino. It’s just sad how some of us doesn’t really notice the great stuff we have here like our culture, filipino products, beautiful places to visit, good food, and nice people. Have you ever notice the handicrafts that are being sold in all provinces you visit? We often just buy them as pasalubong for our family and friends. More often than not we go gaga over imported goods. The more expensive the better. we look for branded items to show off and promote them in our blogs. Today, I felt like promoting our very own products. Its time to appreciate Philippines and be proud.

Disclosure though: a few stuff I’m wearing are actually not from Philippines like my Sunglasses and my outfit so pardon me for that. But the rest I assure you, are all made in the Philippines!



Outfits: Tank top from Forever 21. Sunglasses from Mango.



Pashmina worn as skirt from Bangkok. (bought from a colleague)




Tote bag from Kultura




Palawee, our stuffed Tortoise




Stuffed Pawikan (Tortoise) from Palawan, Philippines



Foldable ballet flats bought from Palengke for only 75 pesos.




Pearl necklace from Palawan and gold triangle necklace SM accessories





Clutch from Kultura. Pearl bracelet and ring from Palawan


For me, #itsmorefuninthephilippines

Your one true pinay,

Cheryl aka Anoushka


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