Island Girl: Palawan





Clothes: Polo shirt, thrifted. bikini top PENSHOPPE, denim shorts GREENHILLS. sunnies TOMATO and Flipflops from A&F


Tote bag from Topshop



Don’t you love the background of these photos? Yup. You guessed right. This is in Puerto Princesa, Palawan at the Underground River, a very popular tourist spot in the Philippines which actually belongs in the 7 Wonders of the World! ( I also dream of being part of the 7 Wonder Bloggers of the World, if there’s  such a thing) the experience is super fun! I love the creepy feeling once you enter the cave while you hear bats flapping their wings. I’m not scared of dark places as long as I have someone with me. I’m a thrill seeker sometimes.
So if you want paradise, then I suggest you visit Palawan. It’s worth it. Definitely a summer haven.

Typical blogger activity, pose pose and more pose!



Dont you love my hat? I bought this in Palawan for only 150 pesos! The design is very similar to the hats you see at Aldo and Forever 21! Seriously!

Palawan is the great place for the summer. You just can’t get enough of its breath taking sights. We had fun island hopping, snorkeling, cave exploring and spelunking! Not to mention endless picture takings and souvenir shopping.


More of my summer looks here in my uber awesome blog ANOUSHKA ! Hihihihi.

I’m waiting in vain for my friend to upload the other photos. Special mention MELANIE, I hope you get to upload the pictures pretty please? So I can show my readers how sexy we are in our bathing suits! LOL! ( readers frantically closing their PCs, mobile phones, laptops and tablets! )


Anoushka now signing off.


12 thoughts on “Island Girl: Palawan

  1. Hello … I’m planning next holidays in your beautiful country. I need to find good friends in Puerto Princesa and El Nido… Could you help me to visit the island?

    Thank you so much! 🙂

      1. Glad to hear it… I will arrive in Palawan on august 21, transferring to El Nido till to august 27, then back to Puerto Princesa till to september 02

      2. Yes I’m travelling alone and all-by-myself. As you can see in my website (check the english pages) I like to discover new places and new cultures and making new friends all around the world. 🙂

      3. Rainy season? Hmmm I would like to catch some sunny days, to make island hopping in El nido and to visit the underground river at puerto Princesa. Do you think in August I could have a chance for good weather??

    1. You’ll find a lot of nice activities there. The famous underground river in Puerto Princessa. Also island hopping is always the main attraction. You may also wanna try eating “tamilok” or woodworm, one of their exotic food in the island. Your palawan experience wont be complete without trying it!!!! Be adventurous!

      1. Yes I have tried it and it tastes good! If you’re the adventurous type when it comes to food, try it. It’s cooked with vinegar, some onions and ginger and garlic I think. And yes it’s weird.

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