Buttons, buttons and more buttons!


Black vest dress with buttons from Xanadu-brand known in Japan(which I scored from an ukay ukay in Tagaytay!) Black bandeau top from Zara.

Dress with all those buttons! I wore this with a tube top underneath. It was one of a kind really. Thanks to japanese fashion. I love their creative designs. This dress describes ME. I am weird. And I have to say very proud of it. Being weird sometimes brings you to unexpected situations and moments. It also gives you great opportunities! People often look for something fresh in the eye. Lets admit it, we get bored when we see the same stuff over and over again right? Applicable to all things like movies, food, places, things and of course in my case, fashion. For me, the weirder, the better. We bloggers sometimes have to make an extra effort you know. There are millions of bloggers out there I’ve thought about what makes me different from all those fashion bloggers in the whole wide world? Well, here are my answers.


1. I am a WEIRD blogger. A corny blogger.
2. I am a mommy blogger who blogs about almost everything!
3. I love books and sometimes I post looks carrying a book in my arm!
4. I sometimes don’t label my outfits( i want my readers to wonder where I bought em and would rather have them send me a private message through email. I want o be mysterious sometimes haha) or maybe, I’m just too lazy to label em all!
5. I blog because this is my virtual diary. I got tired of writing na so its better to type instead.

…and the list goes on.. If that makes me any different haha. Cant think of anything really
I know some of you may be raising their eyebrows or perhaps rolling their eyes and making faces. I am more than welcome of criticisms and such. I love feedbacks.


This is the highlight of my look. The reason why I’ got a lot of deadly stares from grandmas and mid 50’s mommas out there at the concert.


A lot of thanks to Mr. David Pomeranz and also Ms. Rose Nuqui, one of the VP of the Filinvest Corporate City for inviting us at the David Pomeranz concert held at the Filinvest Tent in Alabang. It was actually my first dinner concert and I’m glad it’s Mr David who sang for us. He’s quite a legendary balladeer and I can see people really loved him dearly. A very talented man and an amazing musician! He can almost play any type of instruments he can lay his hands on. Surprisingly he was also good at performing musical. He made a little musical number portraying Charlie Chaplin and it was quite hilarious. No wonder people flocked around him after the performance.
I’ve enjoyed the night so much. Hoping for more concerts to attend to at the new Filinvest Tent in Alabang. Its great news for us living in the South. We get to attend concerts like this without battling the traffic as its just near our place right?


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