Hotel Guest

Toting my gold paperbag with gifts from Crimson Hotel

Blue dress, thrifted. black form fitting dress (worn underneath) and patent brogues from Primadonna. Polka Dot bag from FX

Brown purse used as Ipad case, Cotton On. Watch by Swatch Jeremey Scott edition.

Hallway of Crimson Hotel

I’m not the the trinkets–all-over type of blogger. I’d usually just opt for a simple outfit because I believe that style doesn’t always have to be colorful and sparkling. And sometimes being simple is just the way to go these days. Just look at Alexa Chung, she could just pull off a simple outfit without even wearing accessories but still look damn stylish! And that’s what I want. Wearing them is ok, but I always make it a point to be minimal. I’m more of a minimalist kind of girl.

I can’t wait to blog about Crimson Hotel. It’s that new Hotel in front of Festival Mall, Alabang. You would know it if you’re from the South. Thanks to WIM for sending me to write about David Pomeranz Concert or else I wouldn’t experience their delectable buffet and the VIP treatment they gave on each of their guests.

Photo credits: Taken by Roxas Azarraga

More post to come.




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