Meeting Jeffrey Sutorius-Dash Berlin

I cannot say how lucky I am to meet one of the world’s popular DJ in the history.

Meet Jeffrey Sutorius aka Dash Berlin.

Dash Berlin in the Philippines

Dash Berlin at the Media Press Conference

Dash Berlin in the Philippines

With Dash Berlin

Interesting fact I learned about this guy was that he actually started out as a drummer. Also, he worked for BPM Records and Mid Town Records, both specializing in vinyl.

What a cool way to start in the music industry!

I was so amazed how he played for three hours and making the crowd even wilder.  I can’t stop dancing really.

He  played my favorite Armin Van Buren ft. Sophie Ellis Bextor’s Not Giving up on love with a mix of his own stuff. I totally sang with it and raised my hand like I’m praising some sort of god out there.  Good thing I wore comfortable clothes which allowed me to move around and jump like a lunatic haha.

Dash Berlin in the Philippines

Picture via Instagram

Dash Berlin in the Philippines

iphone photos

Dash Berlin in the Philippines

Sorry for the bad phone pictures

Dash Berlin in the Philippines

More photos to upload.

Pardon for the photos. We actually came in unprepared since hubby just came  from a photo shoot  and he was not able to charge ;his spare battery for the camera so  I just brought my Ipad and his Iphone for the photos. Though I met a photographer from Wheninmanila as well and offered to contribute some of his.

Also, let me tell you that I did something totally dumb with the videos. We recorded a few from my Ipad and all of the videos turned out really nice, HD and all. But, to my dismay, I uploaded them via Vimeo and I guess I must have hit the wrong button of some sort because the videos turned out blurry!  I found out too late that I actually didn’t choose the Large HD option.  I have no choice so I guess the videos will have to do.  Thankfully, the Media Press Conference video we recorded is still on my Ipad so I still have the chance to replace the old one.  I chose Vimeo because I can always access it anywhere.

Will upload the videos here within this week.

Your truly,



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