My first Pre Nup styling gig

I’m getting a lot of invites for the past few weeks but sadly I don’t have the time to attend them. Priority should be family so I’m making it up to my kids. We seldom go out because I don’t want them to be like me, a shopaholic by nature. So, with that being said, my weekends are now for my kids Zo and Sav. I try to squeeze in ME time like meditation studies and stuff but mostly, it’s with kids I get to spend the weekend with.
I still have a few unpublished posts crowding my draft so it’s high time to unload some and post them.
This post is about the couple I styled on their pre nup photo shoot. I’m so proud coz me and hubby are as usual, tag team again. He’s the photographer, and I’m the stylist. I will only post the best shots. We only had two sets. The first set I’m not going to include here.






The theme is very simple The couple also wanted a no fuss concept like they’re-just-a-normal-couple-strolling-along-the-park kind of thing. So, even if I’m itching to style Nancy in a bonggacious way I must adhere to their request.

Bride: Nancy Adrales-Dizon
Groom: Jordan Dizon
Fashion stylist: Cheryl Azarraga
Photographer:Lance Azarraga

So far, I’ve enjoyed the shoot and I hope there will be next time.
Prom is just around the corner. And graduation. Need a stylist or a photographer for a cheaper deal? Send me an email for inquiries!

Yours truly,



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