The Cookies Cottage Crispy Taro cookies

Good thing I discovered this vegetarian cookies at our nearest grocery market. I’m craving for something to eat and my “cannibal” self is taunting me to buy hamburgers. My “vegan” self argued with it and said to look for a healthier one instead. Spotted. Taro cookies yay!





Next time you crave for a snack, try looking for these types of cookies. There’s always available in groceries. You just have to look at every nook and cranny.

Sharing my sudden love of vegan food.



4 thoughts on “The Cookies Cottage Crispy Taro cookies

  1. Where exactly did you buy these cookies? This was included in a gift basket and I really liked it! Couldn’t find it in the supermarkets in my area.

  2. thanks! i frequent a few SM supermarkets and hypermarts, and so far no luck. hope i can chance upon it sometime, i’ll hoard a few packs lol

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