Lovin my body that is the temple of my soul

Happy Sunday my chica bellas!
This is my fourth day of my being a vegetarian. And I’m in fact lovin it! I don’t know if this is just all in the mind but I’m noticing the changes in myself already (i’m turning into a green monster! Kiddin) My skin looks more clearer and my body felt lighter. Vision clearer without glasses( I’m less squinting now), because of all these changes I got inspired and bought a few cookbooks and try to cook my food at home. I also plan to pack my lunch at work and eat mostly salads or whole wheatΒ breads. Have I mentioned I’m not yet a full blown vegan?I still cannot let go of dairy products so please give me some time. I scored these books at Booksale which only cost me 100 bucks for two!


And……while waiting for my hubby outside his work building, I saw this bottle of collagen drink at 7 Eleven and got curious so I bought one and tried it out. Its flavored apple and it taste like a normal juice only it has collagen to make your skin look younger, is what it says on the bottle. I think a bottle of this a day and veggies will surely make me look more gorgeous I hope, haha.


These are just some of the things that could make you look younger. I believe Its better to be a late bloomer. Like you become beautiful as you grow older.
Add to that my yoga practice at home and meditation plus smile at strangers a day, play with kids everyday, and compliment friends is a sure way to become beautiful inside and out.

What about you? How do you take care of your body that is the temple of your soul?

Your Indian Goddess from Golden Age,


2 thoughts on “Lovin my body that is the temple of my soul

  1. Hi Anoushka, remember me? Your writing is becoming better abd better. Thanks for sending me notice of your writing.

    1. Thank you so much Dabble D! How are you? Ive been reading a lot. A dose of vocabulary everyday really helps. I make it a point to read consistently so I can always improve. Thank you by the way for being my editor. I appreciate all the proofreading you did before publishing my articles.

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