Granton World At Soderno

Last Sunday, I was invited by Granton to experience ultimate dining and retail experience.

I was really ecstatic to join because I love foood! I lack sleep that time since we came from a meeting with a client that I would be styling, which resulted with me waking up late around 4pm. Never anticipating the traffic we were about to encounter, we arrived in Alabang an hour late and I was not able to join the food spree.

Granton World At Soderno


The place was great! Enjoy a massive discounts and copious amounts of delicious delights served at Soderno

Granton World At Soderno

Granton World At Soderno

Granton World At Soderno

Let’s go ahead and check out the delicious food being sold there. Prepare your mouths to water!

There’s Genevieve’s Kitchen’s that serves Bicolano specialties, including laing and Bicol Express.

Granton World At Soderno

You may also try Isa’s Mongolian gigantic isaw and barbecue sticks, and Smokepit’s BBQ’s smoked barbecue on pita bread, all served hot off the grill.

Granton World At Soderno

We tried the Barbecue and Liempo for me and hubby.

Granton World At Soderno

Are you craving for Asian fare? Have a plate of Kimchi’s pinoy kimchi fried rice, served with Filipino food toppings or Rice Pot’s wide variety of asian fried rice.

Granton World At Soderno

Granton World At Soderno

Granton World At Soderno

For more savory fusions, try some of Juana’s Bowl’s filipino-American fare.

There’s also sisig, Vigan langgonisa, and some other meat deli I am not familiar of. But really,

I am now trying to avoid meat as much as possible but I just can’t help it sometimes. Look at how tempting this is!

Granton World At Soderno

Granton World At Soderno

To those who love organic produce, you may wanna try these fresh dairy products

Desserts are a must of course. So for sweet endings, you can have a slice of ice cream pizza from For the Dream Co. Quite one of a kind right?

Bambi’s House of Desserts got those cute little cupcakes ranging from red velvet to mocha.

Granton World At Soderno

You can also get a dose of sinful chocolate desserts from Manila’s Chocopleasure. And if you’re looking for something simpler, have some Filipino comfort food at Taho Station or What the Waffle’s sumptuous dough based waffles, which taste so good on their own, even without syrup or toppings.

well, aside from food, it’s time for retail therapy!

There are a lot of merchandise from gadgets to clothing. Toys , makeup and beauty products and shoes and bags!

Granton World At Soderno

If you’re looking to upgrade your gadgets, feast yourself on Nokia phones and accessories, as well as premium Android phones by Huawei and Starmobile.

There’s also the popular Messy Bessy, a line of household cleaners made from 100% all natural ingredients. Packaged in attractive baskets, these products also make ideal gifts for homemakers.

Aside from these, they also have beauty products. They sell Avani Dead Sea luxurious mineral-based skin products and Snoe’s line of toiletries and cosmetics that makes skin look younger and fresher.

There’s Victoria Jackson Survival Kit, a compact makeup kit that fits perfectly in any handbag, and contains all the essential tools for a beautiful “no makeup” look. 10 eyeshadows, 5 lipcolors, 2 blushes, mascara, and a set of eye and lip pencils. Moreover, it also comes with three applicators, a mirror, a pencil sharpener, and a compartment for pencil shavings.

It’s not to late to buy gifts for inaanaks. There’s Crayola toys and art making sets from Zhazhiki. With exciting items such as Magic light brushes, Rainbow brushes and 3D crayons. Kids will certainly have fun creating their own masterpieces.They also sell beautifully illustrated hardbound Disney books.

So, it’s never too late for shopping.

Visit Soderno @ Molito and check out Granton World.

You may also check out Granton World website and get great deals.


Happy shopping!!!!




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