Photo diary for 2012

2012- A year full of great experiences. New friends, new people I’ve met, new oppourtunities. God has been so good to me. It helps when you stay positive at all times and maintain that way. I’m so grateful I’ve discovered meditation too. I try to live in balance between my head and my heart. I fill my feelings with wisdom and my decisions with love.

Even if people are often unreasonable, self-centered, I try to forgive them. If I am honest, people cheat on me. But I try t be honest anyway. I am aware that what I spend years to build, someone could destroy it overnight. The good I do today, people will often forget tomorrow. You see, in the final run its between me and GOD. It’s not between me and the people so I try to ignore negative auras, people who don’t like me, people who think I’m no good.

I always believe that the sun does not choose to shine on some flowers in the garden and not others.Love is inclusive and has many faces-caring, listening, sharing from the heart. Just accepting someone for what they are right now, are all acts of love. As long as I don’t ask nothing in return. It all starts with acceptance – I’m just fine as I am right now, flaws and all. It’s not that I will stay that way for ever – but I might, if learn to accept.

Some people may think “oh really? You aren’t that perfect and you’re just all talk”

No one knows myself. Except GOD.

So, that’s all that matters.

To the people I met and become friends with this year, I treasure all of you from the bottom of my heart. Even some who are only acquaintances, without you, I may not be who I am today. I may not know what’s most important in LIFE.





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