Just a bit of random thinking coz sleep doesn’t want me


I just can’t help but type away here in my blog. Im wishing sleep to come like dark clouds approaching the sky. I’m sure my eye bags are waaay drooping like blobs of sticky dough on a finger. So funny I keep comparing things like an idiot. See, My brain I guess is frazzled. Been up for three hours from the time I arrived home. I’ve got a lotta things to publish and not to mention the pile of gifts waiting to be wrapped. I still have to come up with a fancy way of wrapping. But to my futile attempts at making my gifts look quite decent, it only made them look like it’s squashed somewhere under my feet!
I tried various ways of inducing sleep. There’s the old traditional counting of sheep, which only causes me to count endlessly because I always have to start off from one. Then, tried watching.a boring movie like Sleeping beauty but turns out kids saw what I”m watching and crowded my space. So much for sleep. Boo!

Anyways, it’s time to go. I think I”ll just eat till I bloat myself to misery. Perhaps it would help this sleeping dilemma and eventually lull me into lal la land.

yours truly,



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