Mommy on a budget: Nivea smoothie cream moisturizer

Christmas also means shopping! As a mommy, I make sure to spend my money wisely. Though there are really some instances that I get to spend way too much on nonsense. Last night me and my daughter Zoey went shopping at MOA. Imagine the people are all busy shopping like there’s no tomorrow.

I’ve been struggling not to hoard on beauty products since I know I’d be guilty afterwards. My moisturizer is about to run out and I’m kind of looking for  a cheap moisturizer I could  try  but can’t really find any that suits my taste. Nothing beats Nivea smoothie cream really.



I’ve been using this tub of cream for ages. Initially, I bought this for my kids and use it as their lotion. At the time when my skin feels like a scouring pad, I tried using it just to see if it would help with my flaky, dry skin. And surprisingly, it worked for me. So I decided to use it as my everyday moisturizer.

I know there’s something different with my photos. I decided to put captions in it because they”re  poor quality. I used the camera on my Ipad and I took them last night with bad lighting that’s why.

Anyways, this only costs around 200 plus at Watson’s.

I use this at night before going to bed. And during daytime I use a different moisturizer with sunblock. 

One thing I love about this cream is that it really last long. Super “tipid” should I say.



Nivea smoothie cream for me is the best moisturizer I’ve tried. I recommend you use this especially if your skin feels super dry. You won’t get pimples because this one is very mild and with Calendula extracts which is good for dry and damaged skin and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

I sound like a commercial advertisement I know. I can’t help but share this with you especially to those of you mommies who are on a budget. You don’t need a thousand bucks for a moisturizer. I know we may be tempted to try out fancy brands but if you are a mom, you’re main  priority is of course, to save money and be thrifty. I’m saying this because it’s one of my main goals for next year.

Don’t you love the packaging of Nivea? so cutey!




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