The Yoga Anatomy app to download NOW!

Since right now I’m a bit busy with a lot of stuff I stopped going to yoga classes for a while.   I am currently doing my asanas at home . I am more focused on Raja Yoga than the physical yoga. when I came to know about this free app you can download in your Ipad, I told myself I gotta have it.


The Yoga anatomy consists of the 18 common Yoga asanas that you can refer to and practice at home.

A screenshot of the Asanas. This is so much helpful. Sometimes, I tend to forget the correct postures that’s why I need my own reference.








My friend told me that this app is free for now. So, while it’s free, I suggest you download it. It’s not just for yoga enthusiast. It’s also for those who want to try out yoga and those who wants to live  a healthy life.

Om Shanti.


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