Exception Music Festival-The Venue

A lot of people have been sending me messages and asking me about the pictures of the EMF and finally, here’s the most awaited post of the month. Friends keep telling me to stop procrastinating but to be honest, I’m not the type who does. It’s just that I”ve been loaded with responsibilities and duties as a mom, an employee and a student. Imagine finishing all those and giving myself a one week deadline to accomplish it!

So, even as a regular mom, I really deserve to party with all those “challenges” thrown my way. (If hubby will read this, he’d be like”Weh di nga?”)

Last Saturday was awesome! Met a lot of new friends. And died in the arms of a DJ prince who’s name is DJ TYDI.

Just kidding.

Anyways, let me show you the Venue of the EMF. The location is perfect. I love how the place isn’t crowded. Well organized I must say.

Here’s the entrance

There are several photo booths to choose from. this one is the MTV booth.

The Winston photo booth were you get to sit in this cool vintage car. Photos can be downloaded on their website.

EMF Merchandise. The shirts only costs 350 but if you want the cool Lanyard you can get both for only 500 bucks!

Of course I bought one for me and Lanyard for hubby

I changed my outfit just to model the shirt haha.

Let’s check out the three stages

Ministry of Sound

My favorite. Freedom Music stage

The Live stage. That’s Parokya ni Edgar on stage.

I’ll give credits to those very nice bouncers. They’re very accommodating and have been very patient with me and hubby because we’re the only ones I guess who roamed the area just to capture those awesome DJ’s! We even hang out at the VIP lounge to listen to some local ones.

Till my next post on EMF.

Om Shanti.


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