I’d like to express my deepest apologies to my readers because of delayed posts. I know some of you are looking forward for those Exception Music Festival photos. I will make sure to post the event within this week. Give me until Sunday to do so. It’s just that last monday, I recieved the sweetest email from a well known online magazine in the country and was given a chance to write for them. Being a writer has always been my dream. I may have grammatical errors every now and then. But that does not hinder me in becoming one.  That’s why I came up with a blog. Even if I couldn’t be a real author with having my own book published, in blogging, I still get to do what I love to do and share it with everyone. Writing online is much easier and more interactive. I’ve gained new friends through blogging. Would you even believe that at first, I really had no idea what blogging is? The first time I had my blog was 4 years ago I think. An online diary of some sort and the funny thing is that I treat is as my real diary not realizing everyone can actually read it.  I poured my heart out and ranted about almost anything.

As time goes on, I’ve come to know more about blogging and how it really works. With the technicalities and all. So, I figured why don’t I take it more seriously? So, here I am trying to do the extra mile!

I hope you guys can wish me luck. this morning I was sent to do my first assignment to cover for an event. You will learn more on my next coming post.

To those Exception music fanatics, I will post the pictures don’t you worry. I’m dying to share it as well.

My thought for the day

Wherever I am is wherever I am meant to be, whatever I am doing is whatever I am meant to be doing and whatever everyone else is doing is exactly what they are meant to be doing – this is contentment. If you do want to change where you are, or what you are doing, the first thing is to be content with wherever you are and whatever you are doing right now! Paradoxically that’s what attracts opportunities and invitations to be somewhere else! Why? Because you are a living magnet, and contentment is one of your most attractive qualities. And the law of attraction says that according to your dominant thoughts so you will attract the people and circumstances into your life. Being content right now attracts the best possible future.






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