My Binondo Experience

With my 31 years of living here in the Philippines, this is the first time I’ve been to this place called Binondo. For what most people are known of as Chinatown. I told my hubby that instead of spending our 9th Year Anniversary at some posh hotel or restaurant, I’d rather discover some place I haven’t been to and not shell out moolah that much. So, we decided that Binondo is the perfect place to explore and spend our “cheap date”.

As we stroll along Binondo, we saw some chinese establishments like this Starbucks Coffee. You would’ve thought I’m in China!


We strolled some more and ended up in this street called Ongpin

Ongpin street is where you will find different hotels, restaurants and chinese drigstores.

The busy streets of Ongpin, Binondo

Look at their firetruck. We saw all of them lined up and I wonder if their firemen are chinese too.

A very nice welcome. Thank you.

Tasty Dumplings. Sounds delicious. unfortunately, it’s still closed since we went there around 7 in the morning.

if you are looking for rare ingredients for your recipes, head over at Binondo as you will find so many exotic spices and chinese herbs. This is the perfect place for an authentic chinese food!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Eng Bee Tim. The famous hopia in the country

Variety of hopia, mochi and tikoys to choose from.

They sell fortune cakes and Β loaf bread as well.

I look so stressed! Haha.

There’s a few Chinese restaurants everywhere. But we opted for a fastfood one instead. Remember, this is supposed to be a “cheap date” right?

We tried this fastfood reccommended by my friend. They cook authentic chinese dishes like Peking ducks, noodles, Hakaw, dimsums, siomai and dumplings.

Hubby’s pick, the original Asado.

I ordered chinese porkchop with thick tomato soup as dressing. The one you see drizzled on top is the tomato soup. Looks like ketchup and very ordinary but the taste is super delicious.


the Hong Bon bridge.

After our brunch, someone told us to check out Lucky Chinatown Mall. They said it’s the place where rich chinese hang out and do their shopping. I got curious so I told hubby to check it out.

The Lucky Chinatown Mall.

It’s all about the good life. That’s nice. We got shy telling them to move for a while so I’ll just include them.

The entrance

We’ve seen a few popular restaurants and high end stores Β like Cotton On(soon to open), Apple store, Travel Club, Krispy Kreme, Mango, UCC cafe, Samsonite, Metro Market and some other chinese fashion boutiques

A shot outside the mall.

Chinese Rickshaw ridden by Geishas long time ago.

We decided to watch the Breaking Dawn part 2. Surprisingly, we did not experience a long line. I love the cinemas. Very relaxing and less crowded.

You could wait in their lounge while the show is not starting yet.

Another discovery, the popular 168 is just near this place! and if you’re from the south and worrying how to get there, they have UV Express going to Mall of Asia. And if you wish to go to Resorts World afterwards, they offer free ride to and from.

My experience of Binondo is truly memorable. I’ll definitely come back and try buying from the quaint little shops selling chinese herbs and medicines.

Lucky Chinatown Mall is located at Reina Regente St. corner Dela Reina st, Binondo, Manila.

So if you want a different mall experience, try dropping by there and see the difference.

I love Binondo. till next time.



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