An email scam

Last week, I got an email from someone named Jacob Harrison from Togo, West Africa saying he’s the lawyer of a family who died in a car accident back in 2003. He was telling me something about a Will that’s waiting to be claimed by a relative of the family who died. The Will is supposed to be given to their daughter who also died during the car crash. So, he searched through the internet and looked for a relative with the same last name and he happened to see my name on google.  It struck me as odd why he would consider me amongst all the people who appeared in the net. He found me through the Yomodel website which I had a profile. I had a hunch he’s looking for someone whom he thought he could manipulate well.  And the most absurd thing is that the amount of the said Will is a whopping 9 million dollars!. All he needs is my name, address, mobile number and my bank account number so that the bank could transfer the money to me, and he would fly to my country and get the 40 percent of the Will and 20 percent he said goes to a charity of my choice. He even sent me some pictures of his family, his passport and death certificate of the deceased family. I replied and told him that I want a history of the family who died since I am going to owe them for making me a millionaire right? Surprisingly, he only gave me their full names which can easily be fabricated. If I am that gullible a person I would’ve fallen for this scam. It’s just very alarming that these kinds of emails are everywhere. I mean, It’s quite scary because these scammers can easily steal your identity through the net. I only created that profile at Yomodel since I need it to look for models to style. Good thing I didn’t leave out any personal information like my address. I am not really too cautious about my personal life. As long as I’m not leaving my bank account number or my address I think I’m safe, but I’m wrong. I guess I’m just brave I can deal with these scumbags.

So, how do we protect ourselves from scams?

1.if you receive a similar email like mine, offering something like money or asking for your personal information, I advise to delete it right away.

2. Greed can get you into trouble. So, never ever accept anything from a stranger or never disclose any information even if it’s just your mobile number or your bio. Identity theft is everywhere!

3. If you feel that the scam is already threatening, report it to authorities.

and last but not the least,

4. Be smart and research first if there’s something you really do not know and had suspicions of. When in doubt, just ask help from someone.

Funny thing is, he’s still sending me emails trying to convince me to believe him. Haha.

They say that

money doesn’t spend in hell…. The devil deals in a different coin.True enough.

Hope this helps!



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