The JCo Donuts and Coffee

Ever since  I was a kid, donuts are always been my favorite. I have tried every donut brand you can possibly think of. Dunkin donuts, Mr Donuts, Country Style donuts, Krispy Kreme Donuts, Gonuts Donuts,  Mini donuts, The Donut Connection (which I’ve tasted from a friend in the US),Baskin-Robbins (back when I was in high school at the Shangri-La Mall), and the Donut King (back in high school, I have this Australian friend who brought me some)

So, when I’ve heard about some of my friends raving about this new donut establishment in MOA called JCo Donuts, I made a mental note to drop by and try them.

The chance came last Sunday, and true enough,  people are already waiting outside.  I observed the people around me. The line was very long and I found out that some of them were just curious to try it out, and so am I.  I even saw them carrying more than one dozen boxes of donuts and it made me more excited to try it.

Let me give you a bit of history about JCo, courtesy of Wikipedia.

J.CO Donuts & Coffee is a cafe retailer in Indonesia specializing in donuts frozen yogurt and coffee. It’s one of the fastest growing donut & coffee chain in South-East Asia

Hmm. Indonesian donuts? sounds interesting.

They have branches at Bali, Jakarta, Bandung, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Shanghai. The company planned to expand its chain in the Philippines in 2012.

How unique, coffee with avocado! 

PhotobucketMy mouth is getting watery


Coffee options

Interior of the store

Work of art….Si ate antok na kakahintay. lol.



I hope they don’t give me a receipt so I get a P100 gift certificate!

Trays are empty. they’re selling like hotcakes

We ordered a dozen just to try it out. I got the one with the green blob on top, they call it Choco avocado or something. Then I also got some strawberry donuts, a Choco donut and the one that has cashew nuts and  a few other flavors. (Sorry for not mentioning the names on the donuts because I really don’t know since they didn’t put labels on each of ’em)

The great thing about JCo is that they also offer yogurt and sandwiches.

I tasted the donuts at home and boy, it sure tastes good! A cross between Go Nuts but less the sweetness and Krispy Kreme.

You may want to try it.

visit them at Mall of Asia

and other branches


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