Bigfish Cream Halloween Ball 2012-The press conference

Here are the pictures of the press conference that took place during the event.


The 2 hunky DJ’s Sean Tyas and Simon Patterson with Unica

all HUNKS!

Goodness. Ang lalim ng eyebags. Haha.

With my new found blogger friend, Adrian Benipayo. You may want to visit his blog

We were asked to throw in some questions and honestly, I cannot think of any. And I even made a fool of myself in front of everyone because I made a comment and it sounded a bit off.  Well, some slip ups happen once in a while so it’s ok. At least I get to learn from it. Lol.

and……I get to rub elbows with these 2 hunky hunk DJ’s. Grabe kaloka.

kaso, kinabog ako ni Jason. Ikaw ba naman ang naka BAywatch ala Pamela Anderson. Nakakaloka hahaha.

Si kuya DJ tuwang tuwa dahil katabi si Jason. In fairness.

Thank you so much Jason, I owe you this one. Super.

You may visit his blog

More photos in a bit.

I just caught some fishes at Bigfish!



2 thoughts on “Bigfish Cream Halloween Ball 2012-The press conference

  1. I look so bangag na pala that night. (actually I just came out of the hospital a couple of days before due to dengue) Doctor advised for me to stay at home for a few more days to get well, I advised myself to party to get better. 🙂

    It was nice meeting you Cheryl! See you at the Exception Music Festival?

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