Bigfish Cream Halloween Ball 2012- The COOL people in costumes!

I’m sure you’ll love looking at these pictures courtesy of hubby. Thanks a lot Lance for always taking pictures for my blog. I really don’t know my way around cameras and sometimes, I just use my blackberry for some of my random shots.

Okay, so let’s start checking out some cool costumes we spotted shall we?


Sexy policewomen!

Pretty Mario and luiji with Mr Soldier

If these were really the characters of The Mario Brothers, well in their case, Mario sisters, then you won’t stop playing video games.

Still thinking who her character is. hmmmm…….ah, Vincent of Final Fantasy. Cool.

I do not have to describe. Speaks for itself. Gory.

Gorgeous vampire I think.



Happy People

Mr Soldier obviously

Ate Tina Tolentino, Hubby’s cousin.

Dandy and hubby Roxas aka Lance Azarraga

Hubby and Ate Tina


Carish, Dandy and Ms. Pixie

Super pretty nya talaga

Dandy and Carish

With the mummies

Haruhi Suzumiya

Captain America

Bb. Pilipinas candidates.

If I can just shoot anyone. I’m trigger happy.




Pretty Mermaid


Mr Chef

Russell from Up

Pepsi and Coke

I’ve no idea

Ernie and Bert

Soulja boy and soulja girl

Of course I have to be in the limelight too. Hehe

These are just a few of the people we saw in costumes. Hubby had a hard time partying because he’s been taking pictures the whole night it’s like he’s the resident photographer of the event or something.

The party was awesome.

Here are some of the random shots of what’s happening during the party




Me and Model Angelique

So, what do you think?

We really had a blast. So, If I were you, I’ll make sure to attend the next Cream Halloween Ball coz it’s one big event you don’t wanna miss. I’m such an avid fan.

Enjoy everyone.



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