Bigfish Cream Halloween Ball 2012 Part 1

Finally, finally. This is the much awaited post of the day. Haha. I know and I should  probably get a lotta spanking from my readers.. I don’t mind, really.

Let me just tell you something about the party last saturday. I was honestly not expecting I’d get a free invite for this BIG event coz usually, whenever we attend Bigfish parties, we just pay the discounted tickets from a friend who’s a promoter and at the same time, an events organizer. Hubby’s cousin is also the friend of the owner of Bigfish, so, another plus.  Our usual perks is that we always get discounted tickets and we don’t have to fall in line anymore. So, much to my surprise, I happened to check my email and I was invited to attend the event for free! Just because I’m a blogger! How cool is that? And not only do I get to attend this big event for free, I also get to have the privilege of interviewing the DJ’s and I am allowed to bring a plus 1 with me.  I’m so psyched and super duper happy. I am gushing nonstop because I’m such a big fan of Bigfish parties.  I totally appreciate the trance music more when in fact I used to hate them. But ever since I’ve been a regular attendee, I got hooked!

I love seeing people in costumes. Some of them really took on a lot of effort.  

As mentioned from my previous post, I’ll be the policewoman!

I bought this police sunglasses for only 50 pesos!

A fake gun for airsoft games.

Feeling. Chipas. Haha



My face looks so pale. . I’m wearing a wrong shade of makeup. Actually, I used my Etude House BB Cream which, I think doesn’t suit my skin tone. So chaka. Haha.

And…look, I saw my partner in solving crimes, Mr Police.

We looked good together no? Mukhang police lang talaga.


More pictures on my next post.

this is just the part 1.



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