Halloween parties obsession

First week of October has started and that Halloween is nearing. Preparing for the coming events is such a daunting task for me and seriously, we consider Halloween as a big event in our family. Hubby is now getting busy preparing for Zoey’s costume, and Savannah will be Sailor Mercury I think. He’s kind of obsessed about making costumes that he should be a cosplayer himself. Anyways, as for me,I’ll be a “sexy” policewoman!. It’s actually a short sexy dress with a logo of FBI or something like that. I plan to match it with my knee high boots and will have to buy a hat and a gold whistle. The Bigfish Cream Halloween Ball is a much awaited event every year so I have to participate this time. Last year I didnt wear a costume and just opted for a black ensemble.
Anyway, why are we making a fuss about Halloween anyway? well, for starters, our kids love to dress up. In fact, my daughter Zoey already won 2 contests because of her unique and very creative costume.

Zoey as a Tomb-2010 Halloween


Zoey as a warrior angel-2011

And now, I’m super excited for the costume hubby made up for Zo. She will be Gundam Girl this time.

I have so many backlogs that I don’t know If I have to post it still. It’s just that I’m so busy with a lot of stuff and that I know there are two events that I haven’t blogged yet. The Digital Photographer Anniversary which was super old na like months ago already and also the recent event Dutdutan, which, I would still blog because my hubby went there and I wanna share you my thoughts about it.

Anyways, who would you be this Halloween? October is such a fun month so let’s experiment and dress up!




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