Weekend retreat at Brahma Kumaris

English: Brahma Kumaris
English: Brahma Kumaris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Om shanti everyone!!!!

I promised my readers to share this wonderful and memorable experience I had last weekend. I totally enjoyed what I’ve learned. I met new friends, I gained more knowledge, and I felt more peace in my heart.

I am so thankful to God. I felt so blessed. God has answered my prayer. I have been praying for peace of mind for a very long time.  I thought that that day wouldn’t come. But now, here it is. And the amazing thing of it all is that God was the one who knocked and showed up at my doorstep!

DAY 1-Saturday

I arrived at BK at exactly 9:00am. I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it because it’s raining hard that time.

The odds were on my favor .  God really wanted me to go. Rain or shine. 

After filling up a form and getting my name tag, I waited for a few minutes because some of the people attending the retreat hasn’t arrived yet. 



These kids are from De La Salle University attending the seminar for positive thinking.

It’s just so funny because I thought this is the group I will be joining.

While waiting for the others to arrive, which I assumed got delayed because of the rain, I made a tour around the area and took some pictures.




The day is very foggy.





This spot is my favorite. I always go here to meditate

Let me also show you my room




The view from my window

We finally got started and made some introductions. We met Sister Becky, who’s our facilitator that day.



Sister Becky preparing for the lecture

After the introductions, we had our breakfast of orange juice and cookies!

BTW, the food  they served at BK are all vegetarian meals served with love. They cook their food in a meditative state that’s why it’s delicious!




soulful oatmeal cookies

After the breakfast, we went back to the session room and sister Becky asked each one of us the reason for attending the retreat. All of us had different stories to tell, and interesting ones at that. I observed that most of us are in a rut and wanting to fix the heartaches and burdens we’ve been carrying all through our lives. It made me realize that many people actually yearn for peace. And it’s what the world really needs. We just need to open our minds for the possible solutions.

Now, let me share you the food we ate during lunchtime 


Oooh. Vegan kare kare.

I was quite hesitant to try this but the people there told me I should try it coz it’s very delicious and not your ordinary kare kare. The thing is, I don’t really eat kare kare, even if it’s the traditional one with peanuts. Everybody is saying “sarap” so I gave in and put some on my plate, and surprisingly, I loved it!!!

It consists of mushrooms and I don’t know what else but it taste really good.


My favorite!!!

Barbecue made of veggie meat!!!

You wouldn’t tell the difference from the real one.



Fruits for dessert 

Food for thought 


Getting to know each other during lunch.

We had another session and the topic is all about forgive and let go.

A lot has been discussed that I cannot put it here in my blog because there are too many information but don’t worry, I will definitely share what I’ve learned as soon as I get the copy of our lessons from Sister Becky. For now, I will just show you more pictures of the place and what we ate on our first day.

Merienda time



eggless choco cake 



Dinnertime consists of Fried cream of Soy bean. This one tasted like Fish fillet or fried chicken skin or something. Sobrang delicious!



We had our meditation after dinner. I am so beat up that as soon as I hit the bed I was fast asleep with dreams of flowers and gardens and happy souls dancing.


Wait for my next post coz I still need to gather pictures from some friends who brought their cameras.




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