Mindanao Tour Part 1

Cagayan De Oro

The trip to Mindanao made me realize a lot of things. As our plane lands the Lumbia Airport, I saw how different Mindanao was compared to the hustle and bustle of Manila. The view from the plane as I peeked down was so spectacular that It literally took my breath away. No exaggeration. Mountains, blue sea water, and green forest. Just looking at the view instantly gave me a relaxed feeling and wiped the stress of the city brought with us.

As we get off the plane, I basically just observed my surroundings. I know, I actually looked lost for a while. And obviously, a “Manilenya”. As I hurried off to look for a restroom because I forgot to pee while on the plane, I noticed some Manongs staring at me and overheard them saying something in bisaya. I guess maybe because they thought I looked OA or something. Haha. I dunno. Or maybe I looked stupid wearing my fedora hat and the anxious look on my face as I searched for a restroom.

 As I spotted the restroom, I noticed a sign on the left cubicle in visayan language that I assumed meant “Out of order” or something. I also noticed that almost all of them speaks in english instead of conversing in Tagalog when speaking to a tourist. Very neat don’t you think?

We rode the taxi going to the bus terminal bound for Balingoan. I scanned my surroundings. We passed by SM Cagayan De Oro which is just a few meters away from the airport. I also noticed there are several nice looking houses and posh villages surrounding the mountains. Manong driver started chatting off and telling us about the storm Sendong on how it took so many lives in CDO. He was a good tour guide really, and very nice. Good thing hubby knows how to speak cebuano because of his mom. He’s not fluent though but he knows the basics. So, they chatted about the storm, and how CDO managed to survive despite the tragedy, while I’m at the backseat enjoying the scenery outside.

Finally, we  arrived at the Bus Terninal going to Balingoan. We thanked Manong driver for giving us a discount (thank goodness hubby’s knowledge in cebuano language helped us save money!)

We rode the airconditioned bus which cost only 150 or so per head. Then, hubby took out his camera and snapped photos of the surroundings and the view as we passed by quaint little houses, green fields, and rivers underneath bridges.

Turista mode. Haha.

The travel going to Balingoan was agonizingly long that I counted like 5 rivers as we passed byand wer’e still on the road. Imagine we traveled 1 hour from Manila to CDO, and realized after some calculation that it took almost 3 hours for us to get to Balingoan. Wow.

The Bus Terminal in Balingoan, Misamis Oriental

Since hubby and I are starving already, we looked for a place to eat within the vicinity. We only saw a few carinderias, no restaurants or fast food. So, we opted at one carinderia that offers inihaw which I’m craving for that time. Hubby ordered the famous Humba, which is similar to adobo but instead of your regular pig, this one is made of Baboy Ramo or wild boar. As for me, I opted for the safest, which is Afritada. Hehe.

After our heavy lunch, we rode the tricycle that looked like a mini jeepney going to the port.

At the port, which is super near the bus terminal (we should’ve walked instead), we paid for our ferry tickets which cost 170 + per head.. We even paid an environmental fee of 2 pesos. I guess this fee is for maintence of the island or something.

Old Watchtower


My anticipation and excitement is driving me nuts that time.  Im also praying nonstop because I don’t know how to swim and I honestly am afraid of the sea.  Like I don’t want to be eaten by sharks if in case the boat sinks, or I don’t wanna drown and be found dead in an unknown island. Me being the typical scaredy cat and OA and always expecting the worst.

This is just part 1 of my Mindanao Tour. Actually, it’s “bitin” nga eh coz we don’t have enough time to go river rafting and ziplining in CDO. We still need to visit hubby’s uncle and aunt in Iligan.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

Wait for part 2.

Om shanti.


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