Food trip in Mindanao

I will start off sharing my 4 days stay in Mindanao with food review.

First stay, Camiguin Island.

Inihaw na Yellow Fin  Tuna- Super duper delicious grilled fish. You can really tell it’s fresh because there’s a tangy taste and the flesh is so soft. This only cost 30 pesos. We bought this from a nearby carinderia near our resort. (No pic to show you.)

Pastel from Vjandep- Don’t be fooled by the looks of this simple bread because you won’t stop eating once you taste it. It’s a soft bread with yema filling inside. The yema is so creamy and the sweetness is just right. It’s not too sweet like some other pastries I’ve tried.

Lanzones- It’s a seasonal fruit that taste super delicious. Almost resembles like a grapefruit but the difference is it is  less btter. The skin of this fruit is easy to peel and color white inside. But the only icky part is that it leaves your fingers quite sticky after eating it.

Photo credit


Humba aka Adobong Bisaya-Very similar to a regular adobo but the only difference is that it’s made of Baboy Ramo or wild pig. The sauce of the Humba is much sweeter with just a hint of sourness.

 Lai Lai Yeung Chow Restaurant- Chinese restaurant with the most delicious Kilawin I’ve  ever tried. Kilawin is raw fish soaked in Mayonnaise with spices like pepper and other stuff I can’t distinguish. I also love their Torta shaped like a dome stuffed with veggies.
Pinakurat Suka- My ever favorite suka! In my desperation to bring this with me, I actuallly begged one of the staff of Cebu Pacific to let me bring it even though it’s strictly forbidden because it’s corrosive. unfortunately, despite my furtive attempts,  they still didn’t allow the bottle of vinegar inside the plane.
Cheding’s Choco Tablea- This one is perfect for my breakfast. Rich, cocoa and tastes like Hersheys chocolates.
These are the favorite foods I ate in Midnanao.  I took advantage eating these delicious foods since it’s so rare to find these in Manila,
Hope you like them.
Om Shanti.

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