Becoming sweet


Thought for the day

The Virtue of Sweetness

Just as eating and serving something sweet makes your taste buds feel sweetness, and for a while after, you remain happy, become sweet-natured yourself so that words filled with sweetness are constantly spoken. Such sweet words make both you and others happy. Use this method to always sweeten everyone’s mouth; constantly maintain sweet attitude, sweet words and sweet actions.

How to be sweet?

It’s pretty easy. Anyone can be sweet even if you are feeling bitter the start of your day.

Just like what my teacher in meditation told me, It’s all in the MIND.

I know it’s really hard expecially if all the things that’s happening to you for the past few days seems like it’s gone completely haywired., or for some weird reason, series of unfortunate events are being thrown your way, how could a person become sweet?

For me, the one solution I always rely to are…..TADA………CHOCOLATES!!!!

They say that when you eat chocolates, It instantly perks up your mood   cocoa is rich in anadamine, a hormone that promotes sensations of cheerfulness and well-being!

That;s why chocoltaes are a must.

How about you?

How do you deal with bitterness and how can you make your world sweeter?

Let’s try to be sweet once in a while. Hug your friend for no reason. Ignore the look of surprise in her/his face.Or, put a little sticky note at your boss desk with a message that says” Hi Boss, Good Morning. I will be on leave tomorrow.” (kiddin!)

Or, you could share your umbrella to a total stranger when it’s raining.

Let’s try to give a little bit of sweetness everyday.

It could make a lot of difference!

Just like today, I gave one of my  pair of shoes to one of my colleague that I haven’t used.

That’s already a gesture of sweetness!

Enjoy your day guys.

I will be on Vacay mode for the next coming days and won’t be blogging until next week or so. I want to enjoy my hard earned vacation leave with my hubby.

God Bless all of yah and Have a wonderful weekend!!!



Om Shanti.


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