New Me. New Blog.

I know this decision of mine caused me losing followers and pageviews and you perhaps wonder why I gave up my original blog cheryllikestoshare?

For starters, my old blog mainly talks about fashion. Which sounded so superficial in my opinion that I don’t want to be labeled as one of those “Conceited”Fashion bloggers out there.

Second is, I have decided to be more serious about life that being fashionable and buying the latest stuff isn’t the only thing that really matters in this world.

I have learned a lot of things these past few weeks. And thanks to my meditation classes at BK. They have helped me immensely.

And I’m sure you’re wondering about the new blog name I came up with? and it’s tag line?

Let’s talk about the changes shall we?

Anoushka-my blog name.  I came upon this title because I had this recurring dream since I was a little kid. In my dream, I am an Indian Princess. I lived in a very large Castle in India. The dream is a bit hazy but I always see myself bathing in lotus petals and always singing. For me, the dream became a part of my being and I also think that I was a reincarnate of an Indian princess.

Anoushka- iHindi name derived from the Sanskrit word anoushka, meaning “one who fulfills their dreams and aspirations”.

The tag line- I learned that sometimes a life’s journey can take you to a place that is not on any map. What does this mean? ever since learning meditation, I came to thinking that just by connecting with your inner being, your soul. You travel the farthest places you haven’t seen and places no one can set foot in. Because in that place, you, and only you can take refuge in that solitary peaceful confinement. You are peacful in there. And you are in a place where you meet with God.

I am now happy and content and peaceful.

I no longer yearn for things that almost all people yearn for.

I yearn for something more valuable. Something that I can treasure in a lifetime. Even after my death.

I hope you get to enjoy my new blog. And I hope you can join me as I trudged on the path searching for the true meaning of LIFE.


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