My first day for the Raja Yoga Meditation

The day has finally come. And I am writing this now to share with you what happened yesterday and I was so overwhelmed with anticipation of what I had learned during the course.

The weather was not good that day. It was raining pretty hard and I honestly thought of canceling my appointment but changed my mind since this is really what I want. I asked hubby to accompany me because I really don’t wanna get lost and want someone to look out for me in case, of course, something bad happens. My coward self always does that. Always expecting the worst case scenario.

So, we finally found the place. And boy, I was struck by how beautiful and peaceful the place was. the place looked like a house and was converted into a retreat home. The whole surroundings were so quiet and peaceful. hubby actually had a hard time looking for  a smoking area. Because, obviously, it’s a no smoking place. We were greeted by an old woman wearing a white robe. She smiled and we were ushered to their waiting area.

Tagaytay Retreat Center

This is what part of their waiting area looks like. But we were seated at a comfortable sofa with pillows .

I’m kind of hesitant to take a picture of the sisters and brothers who work there as I might offend them. I am still trying to find out about the place and the people there and if  I’m sure of what I’m getting myself into.

Hubby asked if he could just go outside to smoke coz he  obviously isn’t comfortable staying there. I told him to just look for a place to stay nearby and eat for a while.

Then, sister Karen, whom I was referred to by sister Tims, asked me to join her in the other room where there’s a large TV. We made the introductions and asked a few questions about me. Like why I wanted to learn meditation and how I came to learn about Brahma Kumaris. She also said some things I will learn about the Raja Yoga and how it will really help me in the future. She was really nice and very soft spoken. She’s a volunteer there and teaching meditation during weekends.

After the intro, she had me watch a video about the history of Brahma Kumaris, a segment about learning meditation and a short video of a yogi dancing in the midst of meditation. It was  really a short video. After letting me watch it, she then asked me what is my understanding of meditation? and how will I differentiate “A body with a soul” from “a soul with a body”.  I actually had a hard time answering that part but what I told her was that A body with a soul is being the body as the primary thing and the soul resides on it while the soul with a body implies that soul is the dominant part and that soul dictates the body as it is just an  instrument. She totally agreed.

It was just a short introduction and we haven’t started the meditation yet She had me fill up a form to register for the course and scheduled me for my next appointment. She gave me a tour around the place.


The two storey retreat house with the  view of the garden.



A place where you can also relax and meditate.

I already fell in love with the place.

This is just the first day of my Brahma Kumaris experience.

More to share.



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