Cropped faces

This is what i’ve been doing out of boredom. Thanks to the rainy season


Wanna know the reason why I did a collage of my face? I just wanted to see how pretty I am. Haha. Conceited much?
Honestly, reason is I am trying to scrutinize my face and checking every angle. A friend said that my nose is too big. I’ve heard this a lot of times and this friend of mine is encouraging me to go under the needle and have a rhinoplasty. My hubby also teases me about my nose. He keeps on saying it’s too big and pudgy. Ugh!
Actually, it crossed my mind many times. I’m not perfect I know. I may have big nose, one lazy right eye, and a not-so-perfect smile. But let me tell you ladies and gents, I am confident in my own skin. I can pull off any outfit and I can still face the mirror(There are some girls who can’t bear to look at themselves in the mirror and thank God i’m not one of them.)
I realized it’s better to sport the natural ME than sporting a FAKE one. Don’t you think?
So, I did this collage out of boredom. Really.


Me, Vain?




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