Meet the Team behind the photoshoot for Illumine

Behind the scenes


It was really fun working with these bunch.
The models are very cooperative. The one thing I hate are models with an attitude. there are some out there. they would complain and act like they know everything to think they are not yet popular.
I also love the enthusiasm of the photographers. And the makeup artist did a great job on their makeup,I’m just kind of dissapointed about their hair because the 50’s hair was not achieved. But all in all, I love it.


I wasn’t able to blog the outfit I wore during the shoot. I was so busy with the models doing the styling that I forgot to have hubby take a picture of me.
So, anyways, I am wearing my Uniqlo Barbie polka dotted shirt paired with my black leggings and black flats. I opted to wear comfortable clothes since I know it’s an outdoor shoot.

Till next photoshoot guys.

Style Sistah,



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