I’ve just been thinking about some things I noticed lately. And an idea just came to me.
First off, about blogging.
I am not a popular blogger. Sometimes, I thought of just giving up this blog just because I get lazy posting and updating. I have also come to the conclusion that everyone just wants to become a fashion blogger. or a beauty blogger. And one thing I hate is lack of originality. i know I am guilty of this. I originally put up a blog because I don’t want to write in a diary anymore. And I want to just share some experiences and blogging somehow helps me relieve stress. Just like when I had been writing in a diary when I was in highschool. And so, as I was just browsing the net, i’m just a bit dissapointed that almost all the blogs I have stumbled upon are mostly related to fashion and beauty. And it’s getting quite annoying already. Again, I have to admit I am guilty of it. It just so happens I’m so inlove with fashion that most of my posts are related to it.

And, I’m kind of thinking about changing my blog into more of sharing not just fashion but my everyday encounters in life, my experiences, my opinions about basically anything. I am thinking of changing my header into more simpler style. My header just speaks purely about fashion and beauty. And my blog is not all about that.
Second, I am kind of tired conforming with the norm.
Example, like how everyone always makes that extra effort to be cool buying all the most high end gadgets just so they feel liked and adored by people.
And how people always follow every trend there is. trend on fashion, beauty, social networking fads, etc.
I’m just so sick of it.
how i’ve become so selfish that I am forgetting my priorities already.
I will now try to change everything. WILL TRY.
Just another thought. A lightbulb that always goes off when I’m having some kind of idea in mind.
These ideas will be kept a secret. i will execute those ideas once I have time and the money.
I’m not really sure if i’m even making any sense.

Brainstorming for changes,


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