TLJ’s Blueberry Berry Light Cheesecake

Hello and Happy Monday!
Are you craving for something yummy and sweet?
I haven’t blogged this gift (or should I say, prize) I got from Tous Les Jours and I know it’s quite a bit late.
I wanna say thank you to Tous Les Jours for choosing this blog as 2nd place for thier contest!
I was totally happy and didn’t expect it. I am giddy and dancing after finding out I won. I just sooo love cakes!!
So, let’s have another cake review!
Presenting, the mouthwatering Blueberry Berry Light Cheesecake.

The cute box with the free knife and candles.

After opening the box, we were greeted by the smell of fresh blueberries, with the hint of vanilla that goes with it.

Chocolate tag bearing the name Tous Les Jours

pretty candles

This is what it looks like after slicing the cake. It’s a cheese chiffon cake combined with yoghurt cream icing, dusted off with blueberry flavor on top.
I’m kind of expecting a typical cheesecake like the ones we buy from Red Ribbon or goldilocks but this one is totally different. It’s not what I really expect on a cheesacake. I liked the taste and it’s really good. The ony thing I hate is the icing which taste too overwhelming. It’s bursting with a lot of that creamy flavor that it makes me gag if i’m gonna have 5 slices. So, I only ate like 4 slices. Hehehe.

My kids loved it. They had about 2 slices only and I had 4 slices. And hubby I think got only 1. HAHA.
Impressive cakes you got there TLJ. I am such a fan of your bakery that sometimes I just wanna hang out at your bakery and just stare like dumb with my mouth hanging open.LOL. !
I haven’t tried the coffee yet but I will, soon.
Visit Tous Les Jours at your nearest branch.
SM Southmall.
SM North Edsa
Alabang Town Center (I haven’t been to ATC so i’m not sure if they are open already. )

Eat cake!

LOVE your sweet tooth momma,


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