The Bulalo experience

It was a bright sunny Saturday and we thought of going to Tagaytay to have some authentic Bulalo. Hubby is your perfect example of being a “glutton for punishment”.  His passion…Eating.

The place Tagaytay is near Dasmarinas City where we lived. It’s a 30 minute bus ride. This place is a tourist spot and the town is popular because of the Taal Lake.


It’s spectacular isn’t it?

We thought of eating Bulalo because it’s Tagaytay’s specialty. If you are wondering what Bulalo is, it’s like Beef Stew but it’s more known as Beef Shank Soup.This is where the place we ate.which is located at Mahogany Market., a place known to have the best Bulalo in town.


A lot of tourist go here to have a taste of the specialty. Aside from Bulalo, they also have Beef Kaldereta and Beef tapa. 

Beware vegetarians, you might wanna change your mind when you see this

Ingredients consists of Beef shank, cabbage, pechay, banana (optional), salt and garlic.

Do you eat beef marrow? eew. Not me.

Kapeng Barako and a stick of cigarrete. Ahhhh., heaven. Want to get an ashtray like this one? LOL. It’s hilare!

They even gave us free Kapeng Barako. A strong brewed coffee known in Batangas and Tagaytay.

If you are wondering how much the Bulalo is per oder, it’s only 300 pesos good for 2 persons. It’s cheap compared if you buy it from a restaurant in Manila. So, if you are thinking of buying our Bulalo specialty in Tagaytay, just go to Mahogany Market.
Don’t know how to go there?  just ride a bus bearing Tagaytay signboard, then get off to Olivarez and then ride a jeepney from there with a signboard Mahogany Market. If you are “sosyal” with a car, just ask the manongs and they will give you directions. LOL.
I hope I made your mouths water. Or no?

Love lots,

Cheryl aka Anoushka



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