If you noticed in this picture i’m holding a stick of cigarette. And I know it’s a NO NO. If my yoga teacher could see me now, she’d be like “Cheryl, get in the hot room now!”. I know. I shouldn’t be smoking. It’s bad for the skin. It makes us grow and look more old.

I need to detoxify!

I’ve  been drinking and smoking for the past few weeks. Probably because I’m  stressed with a lot of stuff. So I decided to unwind and loosen up.

A lot has happened in the past few days. And I am quite surprised about the series of events that that I don’t know if I should be ashamed of myself or just treat it as one of those “phases” that you go through your life. People around me said I should be more open minded about some things. And I should accept that we are living in  a world full of crap. And that I shouldnt be all innocent and should know these things. Some people said that they think probably i’m just around people who think differently and view the world in a negative way.  Some friends told me I need to go back to God and repent for my sins and I need to put my acts together.

I am just so confused about LIFE right now. But the scariest part of those things that transpired in me was that I enjoyed all of it. I defintely did.

I know i’m not making any sense. And my mind is all jumbled.

In short, i’m like 50 Shades fucked up.

Don’t worry, i’m still pretty much SANE.

I can still write in my blog.

I’m still functioning properly.

And I still have people around me who will definitely look out for me.








50 Shades Cheryl?


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