50 Shades of Grey

Sorry for the lack of posts . I know I keep on saying this but do forgive me.
I am very busy with a lot of stuff now that my kids are back to school. I haven’t been a great mom lately so i’m making it up to them. I made sure to help them with their assignments, prepare their things before going to school and of course listen to them share their stories about their new classmates, their teachers and their first day of school experiences.

And guess what i’m doing during my free time? I am reading a book. Again.
And this time, this book really made me want to be more experimental. I’m sure you have heard this book because it’s been a buzz here in the Philippines.
50 Shades of Grey


The plot traces the relationship between recent college graduate Anastasia Steele and manipulative billionaire Christian Grey. Steele is required by Grey to sign a contract allowing him complete control over her life as well as a non-disclosure agreement, something that he’s required from all of his previous submissives. Upon learning that she is a virgin, Grey agrees to have sex with her in order to prepare her for later encounters, fully intending that the contract would be signed. As she gets to know him, she learns that his sexual tastes involve bondage, domination, and sadism, and that childhood abuse left him a deeply damaged individual. In order to be his partner, she agrees to experiment with BDSM, but she struggles to reconcile who she is (a virgin who has never previously had a boyfriend) with whom Christian wants her to be, his submissive and a to-do-with-as-he-pleases partner in his “Red Room of Pain.

And in my own words. One thing I can say about this book, it makes me want to do MORE.
I’m just in Book 1 and I can’t wait to read Book 2 and 3! I wanted to finish this so badly that my work is already piling up and all of them are left unfinished!
I’m currently reading this on ebook but i’m planning to have my own paperback copies of the trilogy.
Just like what my friend told me, I am also “Greysessed!”
I hope you’re also reading this and perhaps you can share your 2 cents!
Love you all.

Submissive one


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