Independence Day

Its Independece Day here in the Philippines!
I know this was a late post and forgive me.
And it was such a memorable holiday for me that I even marked the date on my planner.
It was really FREEDOM. I am now free of living inside my shell.
I never realized how there were lots of things I haven’t known and discovered yet.
I was really in for a surprise!
It all happened when we decided drinking after work. I wouldn’t mention the names im with but anyway, as I was saying, we went drinking and went straight to our friends hotel.
Everybody at first seems like talking in simple topics and harmless conversations. And then the conversation went deeper into something more kinky and more about sex and wildest experiences. I was like, just listening to them sharing each other their own wild happenings . So, I just happen to confide to them that I am pretty curious on how to kiss a girl and what does it feel like. Yada yada yada because I feel left out. Not to mention i felt like im the most ignorant person they’ve met.
So, were were a bit tipsy and then one thing led to another.
And I finally kissed a girl!
And here I am. I ended up COFUSED now. Confused on a lot of things.

Happy Independence Day!
Confused one,


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