Kissing a girl?

I suddenly got curious how some girls love kissing girls.
What do they get? how’s it like? and what does it feel?
A lesbian friend told me it feels great kissing a girl than a boy. Girls have softer lips.
Sweeter to the taste and more arousing. My friend even told me you won’t stop once you experience it.
And it makes me realize, that I do want to experience kissing a girl too!

I have to admit I sometimes appreciate girls who look gorgeous and pretty.
But lately, i have this wild thought and am imagining all sorts of things. Like, how does it feel holding soft breasts. And then kissing and fondling a girl. I know I sounded like a total maniac but Im just being too HONEST here. And I know for some people, you would think I’m out of my mind. But I think there’s nothing wrong experimenting. I even have this one friend who’s now in Laguna. And i suddenly miss her. I got to thinking her sexy body and sometimes wonder what it’s like to hug her naked.
Im really getting CRAZY.

HAHA. Forgive me, but I really miss your sexy body. LOL

And I met a new friend, and i’m kinda like thinkin that way about her. Im just not sure if she’s up for that kind of thing.
Well, just a thought.

Me and my CRAZY brain.



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