My Converse Jack Purcell shoes

It’s fridays!

And that means laid back dressing for me.

I’m always excited about this day because fridays are like dessert on a full course meal. 4 days of wearing smart casuals are waay agonizing. So after that 4 days of waiting,  we finally get to wear something casual.

I just recently purchased this Converse Jack Purcell metalic gold sneakers. And i sooo lurve it

I love the classy style and how you can match it with any type of outfit.Plus the fact that it’s color gold.

I’ve seen celebrities wearing this pair like Jessica Alba and Katie holmes. So after seeing it, i’m sold!

I may not be a fan of sneakers but this one definitely rocks my taste.




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3 thoughts on “My Converse Jack Purcell shoes

  1. Thank You. This was such a hit in New York and I first saw this pair worn by Jessica Alba and im like “I want those babies! “. And after seeing this online, I promised myself id get one.

    im so excited to post my look wearing this. Promise!

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