Hair, our crowning glory

I will color my hair this weekend. Remember I told you I will color it? I found this cheap over the counter hair coloring that only cost 250 pesos. And I know it’s a bit risky but heck, I honestly need to save moolah for some more important things so an over the counter hair color will do. Anyway, it’s how you carry it.

 This picture below was an old one. This was when I just had my hair dyed in light brown using BIGEN. Not the one in small bottles being used by our Lola’s(haha). It’s the more expensive one. I know Im just thrifty sometimes.

Tomorrow, I will be coloring my hair using Kolours hair creme in caramel brown. I hope it turns out ok. I’m quite scared. I hope i’m not getting the best shock of my life.

The rainy season is already starting haven’t you noticed?
Say buh bye to floral dresses and hello to trench coats and jackets.

Till my next post.



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