Model Mishaps

I haven’t shared with you some snapshots of models who tripped during the Fashion Week.
these things happen quite often and for most of them, they are used to it.
Being a model is not that easy. There are a lot of mishaps and you have to be ready for it. there are those who experience wardrobe malfunction, and the most common would be tripping while walking the runway because of those unusual sky high platforms.
Well, who wouldn’t want to be a model? I guess every girl has their own dreams of becoming one. When I was a kid, it’s one of my dreams too. Aside from my dream becoming a doctor.
I can still remember wearing my mom’s high heels and walking with a book over my head and would strut on our hallway. Haha.
So, before you try to become one, you need to practice seriously. And not just it, you have to build your confidence.
These are the photos hubby was able to capture during Fashion Week.

I was kind of amazed by the confidence of this particular model below.

Imagine after she tripped on the runway, she stood up and bowed! Then walked barefoot carrying the shoes and put on that “dont mess with me” look and strode with pure confidence. Because of what she did, the audience gave her an applaud.


Now, this second model was quite the opposite.

Obviously, she was really embarrassed. Look at how the designer is trying to console her

She’s obviously trying to smile despite the humiliation, or probably, she’s wincing from the pain or whatever.

“ate, keri lang yan. Maganda ka parin.”
So, do you still want to become a model?
I advice you to:
Practice wearing sky high platforms
and build your confidence first.




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