Saturday night @ Palladium

Last saturday night after the PFW, hubby and I decided to go partying at Palladium. Christina tagged along since she’s kind of making the most of her time here in the Philippines and checking out different party clubs.
I love Palladium because of their very elite ambiance. Most tables there are for reseervations so if you decide to check the place out, make sure you bring moolah because really, you wouldn’t wanna be standing there all night looking llike a wallflower. or well, if you’re the type to roam and check out the people around you and loves dancing so much you don’t care if you’re standing forever, then I guess it’s alright not to reserve a table.
Check out the clubbing scene here

Luckily I didn’t get drunk because if I did, I would for sure dance at the ledge! It’s so tempting. Girls who are too drunk to even care went up there and dance like stupid. Haha.

Again, Christina downed a few vodka and beers. I didn’t count. As usual.

Don’t try to whistle. I know. She’s so drop dead gorgeous that night

Of course I should be drop dead gorgeous too. Haha (Pagbigyan nyo na ako blog ko to eh bakit ba?

Both of our dress are from Forever 21. My heels are Forever 21 and hers are from SM Parisian.

it was really fun and one thing i’ve noticed is, the drinks here are more expensive than ICON. But it was all worth it.
I am kind of thinking of celebrating my birthday here. Hmmm?

Thank you so much Palladium for the photos!

Check out the clubbing scene in  Palladium at the  New World hotel

You may want to check them out

Lav yah Readers,



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